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Optimize Your Programmatic Display Campaign with Ad Placement Quality Score

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June 2, 2022
November 21, 2023

Introducing Awarity's Ad Placement Quality score, a symbol of our commitment to data-driven optimization and transparency.

200 million. That's how many active websites currently exist on the internet. Each of these websites and domains is unique. They have unique ad spaces, visitors, and website content. Finding the right domains to advertise on can be daunting, but with a canvas this large, it is imperative to constantly monitor and optimize ad placements across the web to maximize the effectiveness of your programmatic display campaign.

At Awarity, we are focused on delivering targeted awareness marketing at a cost-effective price point for our clients. We accomplish this through our turnkey, data-driven approach to thinking about display advertising. While traditional players may restrict placements to only a subset of well-known websites, we believe there is a better way to reach the intended audience. Rather than arbitrarily restricting which domains we place ads based on rigid criteria, our divergent methodology broadly ingests domain-level marketplace data and constantly optimizes towards reaching the largest relevant audience per dollar.

When we manage campaigns, we don’t just simply identify the top three or four domains we need to target to reach the intended audience. Rather, our methodology can better be described as a multi-faceted approach where we ingest millions of data points in real-time to identify what's working and what’s not. This results in tailoring each campaign to achieve high-quality placements on top websites. But more importantly, this methodology allows us to identify diamonds-in-the-rough: domains that may not be targeted by traditional players but attract the relevant audience at a much lower cost, which allows us to reach more target consumers per dollar than any competitor.

This is why we're excited to introduce you to our Ad Placement Quality score. Think about this score as a composite metric that measures and grades every domain on factors like viewability, cost per impression, and domain traffic. This score is meant to be an objective, up-to-date measurement of how effectively ad placements are performing on any given domain. Ad Placement Quality scores can be a useful tool when planning digital advertising campaigns and fine-tuning your Campaign Strategy. In Campaign Central, clients now have the option to manually assemble domain and keyword-specific targeting methodologies. This can be found in the Campaign Strategy section within Campaign Central. Do you have a specific domain you'd like to advertise on? Upload any website to your Specific Websites tactic in Campaign Central and see the Ad Placement Quality score. You can use this measurement to tailor and formulate the perfect strategy and reach your target consumers with peak effectiveness in your next campaign. A.I. and data-driven optimization is woven into the fabric of our business, and the Ad Placement Score is emblematic of our commitment to continuous, data-driven optimization for our campaigns and unparalleled transparency for our clients.

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I've long believed that numbers and data are the key to solving almost any problem imaginable. Whether it's at the workplace trying to hone our latest machine learning algorithm or observing from afar how data analytics has revolutionized spaces like tech, finance, and sports, one thing is clear: the impact data and statistics has our world cannot be overstated. At Awarity, data is at the forefront of our innovation and utilized to achieve groundbreaking results for our clients across the globe.

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