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Put your business on Connected TV
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TV Advertising

What is Connected TV Advertising?

Connected TV is a premium subset of OTT (Over-The-Top), also known as streaming TV. With over 80% of US homes now watching on services like Hulu®, Sling TV, Pluto TV, and more, it's time to rethink your TV advertising. Run the same ads you'd run on cable with the advanced targeting of digital advertising. Get in front of your target customer through efficient and effective Connected TV advertising campaigns with Awarity.

TV Impact,
Digital Precision

Put your business on Connected TV for just $999/mo.

What is Connected TV?

Connected TV – also called OTT or Streaming TV – is television content streamed digitally. With 80% of US homes now watching on services like Hulu®, Roku®, Pluto TV and more, it's time to rethink video advertising. Whether your audience is watching on a smart TV or mobile device, you can reach them with the same ads you'd run on cable.

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Businesses of all sizes and industries trust Awarity to put them on the big screen.

The Best of OTT Advertising

Not all OTT advertising is created equally. With 73% of viewership on Connected TV devices, Connected TV Advertising makes sure your ads are seen only on television with non-skippable commercials that deliver a 95% completion rate. OTT advertising is democratizing the way viewers consume television by driving better results and efficiency. Achieve highly effective campaigns utilizing Connected TV's advanced targeting capabilities that ensure your ads are reaching a larger audience across a variety of different streaming TV devices including Roku, Apple TV, Hulu Plus, Sling TV, and more. Select your target customer, pick your geography down to the zip-code, and serve personally relevant, non-skippable commercials at an affordable price.

OTT Advertising

Reach Millions of Viewers on Hundreds of Apps With Streaming TV Advertising

Reach millions of viewers by saying goodbye to direct-buy media. Our streaming TV advertising platform places ads simultaneously across hundreds of apps and devices. Reach the audience that matters wherever they're watching in the most cost-effective and efficient way possible. Target to specific demographics and areas that you choose with non-skippable ad placements that leave a lasting impact. Reach the same customers as when your advertise on Netflix and reach an even wider audience by utilizing smart TV advertising across top devices and platforms.

Popular Channels and Apps and Monthly Active Users

Local Tv Advertising

Reach Unique Audiences Across All Demographics With Connected TV Advertising

Streaming TV isn't just for younger audiences. With increasingly flexible platforms and more available content for audiences of all ages, more businesses are making the switch from cable to streaming. With Connected TV advertising, you'll be able to reach target customers based on specific demographics, geography, likes and interests, and other behaviors. We can reach audiences from every age group and our goal is to clearly define your target customer and tailor a streaming TV advertising campaign to reach your potential customers.

2020 US CTV Viewers by Age Demographic


Unmatched Features for Local TV Advertising and National Campaigns

Wherever your commercial runs, Connected TV Advertising offers standard features unmatched by traditional broadcast. Niche brands or small businesses are better served with local TV advertising to reach their community. We can isolate only your target customer profile to see your commercials and you'll be paying an average $35.85 CPM. Local TV advertising on streaming TV platforms is an affordable means to pinpoint your target customer and ensure that your commercial highlights your business's key differentiators to attract more customers to your business.

Non-Skippable Ad Format

We provide campaign data to prove your ads are seen from beginning to end.

Custom Geofencing

Connected TV allows for custom geofencing within cities, states, regions and ZIPs.

Smart TV Advertising with Endless Targeting Possibilities

More than half of all households in the U.S. have at least one smart TV in their home. 58.3% of all connected TV users are in the U.S. in 2022. Unlike traditional television, Smart TV advertising allows for digital, more-granular ad targeting and will reach users watching those networks with non-skippable ads. We use a variety of data sources to take it even further, ensuring only select audiences see your commercial. By switching to streaming, advertisers no longer need to guess if they are reaching their desired audience. Serve ads in specific zip-codes, on specific channels, and target specific customer profiles. With Streaming TV advertising, brands can now have non-skippable ads served specifically to their customers wherever they're watching.

With Smart TV Advertising from Awarity, reach an audience as unique as your business.

Need a commercial?

No commercial? No problem. Awarity can help with your video production. For only $1,499, we'll produce a custom 30-second, HD commercial for you. We can script, edit, and design world-class creative for commercials from start to finish. We can provide footage for virtually every scene with our 4k footage library. We can give your brand a voice with our professional voice talent actors. Already have your own footage? We'll edit that for you too.
Connected Tv Advertising

Awarity Stands Alone Among
Connected TV Advertising Companies

As one of the premiere Connected TV Advertising companies, we make sure you get all the benefits of cable advertising, plus the advanced capabilities of digital, with Connected TV. For as little as $999/mo, Connected TV advertising is an affordable way to reach your specific target audience and build awareness for your brand with non-skippable, HD ad placements that highlight what makes your business unique. Reach a targeted audience with a message that will leave a lasting impression for your brand. Schedule a meeting or enroll now to start reaching thousands of potential customers on Connected TV.
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Non-skippable, HD video ads

Custom geofencing & specific audience targeting

Ongoing campaign optimization

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It's never been easier to build awareness and grow your brand. Start a campaign in minutes, or contact us with questions.
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“When we engaged Awarity, we were amazed at how easy they made the process and how quickly they developed a full strategy. We spent less than 30 minutes discussing the campaign, and once it launched, we immediately saw an uptick in enrollments despite little other change in our marketing. Less time, less money, with high impact results!”

–Arvind Mallik | Assistant Dean of Strategy, Planning & Analysis