Our Approach

Campaign Details

Fave4 is a boutique hair product brand, designed and formulated by a former Fortune 500 scientist. They came to us with the desire to demonstrate through their advertising how the Fave4 product line provides a solution for every hair type.

Targeting Tactics
  • Women 18-44
  • Webpages women 18-44 frequent often
  • Remarketing to previous website visitors
Detail Reporting
Results can be viewed and tracked through Awarity Campaign Central.
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Media Spend

$3.6 to 1
Return on Investment
Full Campaign Transparency

"The team at Awarity is so knowledgeable when it comes to ads and targeting the right potential customers. I love getting the detailed reports and watching the progress. They've walked me through each step and take the time to work through all the details of my campaign with me. I'm thankful for such a good partner!"

Lynne McNelis
Founder & Chief Excitement Officer
Xile Beauty
Xile Beauty


In Donations
The client received $2,300 in donations as a result of their ad campaign
Completion Rate

Non-skippable impressions on 30s commercials