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Add Connected TV and Banner Ads To Your Agency

Full-Service, White Label Program


Affordable minimums starting at $2,500 per campaign. See full pricing details


Customizable white label selling materials with option to utilize co-branded campaign dashboard


We can work through you, or directly with your client - it's your choice

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Connected Tv

Banner Ads

Campaigns From


No retainers, No management fees
Media costs included
CPMs starting at $2.50

Connected TV

Campaigns From


No retainers, No management fees
Custom shoot for additional $999
Avg CPM: $35.85

Easily Implement Industry Leading Campaigns


Our AI based DSP Optimizer reads millions of data points daily across 50+ ad exchanges and implements data optimizations to deliver effective campaigns no matter the size

TV Advertising


Complete enrollment online in minutes. We make it transparent and easy and keep you connected every step of the way.


Programmatic Advertising

We reach your target customer with targeting specifically tailored to reach you audience wherever they're online or watching.

See The Results for Yourself

All campaigns receive access to detailed reporting in Awarity Campaign Central.


We can give client their own dashboard access or you can generate reports that feature only your logo.


View reporting for all client campaigns under one account.


Track your KPIs, Campaign Geography, Apps and Devices, and more to identify opportunities to scale or optimize.


See detailed reporting metrics by targeting tactic.

See How It Works

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