Sacks Orthodontics

Our Approach

Campaign Details

The client is an Orthodontist located in Essex, New York. Their advertising goal was to build awareness and establish themselves as an award winning service.

Targeting Tactics
  • People searching for dental care
  • General population
  • Remarketing to previous website visitors

Detail Reporting
Results can be viewed and tracked through Awarity Campaign Central.
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Media Spend

$3.6 to 1
Return on Investment
Increased Awareness

“Awarity has been an effective way to increase awareness of our office. I appreciate the ease of working with them and the quality of their ads, and their monthly reports show me how well my campaigns are performing. I would recommend them to anyone interested in increasing market awareness – at a very affordable price.”

Dr. Eric Sacks
Sacks Orthodontics
Sacks Orthodontics


In Donations
The client received $2,300 in donations as a result of their ad campaign
Completion Rate

Non-skippable impressions on 30s commercials