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Advertise on Pluto TV Channels

Advertise on Pluto
and Hundreds of Top Apps

Pluto TV is a free TV streaming service accessible for streaming viewers on Connected TV devices. Pluto TV features hundreds of live channels and on-demand content covering a wide range of interests and genres. Channels include CBS, Comedy Central, Fox Sports, and more.

With so many choices and over 50 million monthly active users, your audience is sure to be watching.

Reach wide range of audiences with diverse demographics on Pluto TV.

The median age of total CNN viewers is 64 and 72% are homeowners.

71% of FOX Sports viewers are male and 50.4% of total viewers are over the age of 50.

53% of Comedy Central viewers have been to college and 47% are between ages 18 and 34.

The median income of Travel Channel viewers is $69K and 48% of total viewers are female.

Pluto TV Channel Demographics

With millions of viewers on streaming TV, it's time to maximize your advertising's impact with targeted Connected TV advertising.

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Active Subscribers on Platforms Outside Pluto TV

Broaden Your Reach and Advertise on Pluto TV

Along with advertising on Pluto TV, our proprietary targeting tactics search to find and serve ads to your target customer, regardless of where they're watching. We deliver them non-skippable commercials that are built to be remembered and build awareness for your business.

With a multitude of options like Roku, Tubi, Hulu, and more available, we'll reach your target audience on Connected TV where they already watch.

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Advertise on Pluto TV and Other Apps

Advertise on Pluto TV, and other platforms like Hulu, Fubo TV, and more. Learn more about advertising on other top streaming apps.

Your Business on the Big Screen

Advertise on Pluto TV and hundreds of other apps and channels where your target audience is watching. With Connected TV advertising from Awarity, TV advertising has never been easier and more effective.

Connected TV Scalable Plan
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Fully managed campaigns

Media costs included

Non-skippable, HD video ads

Custom geofencing & specific audience targeting

Ongoing campaign optimization

Awarity Campaign Central access

It's never been easier to build awareness and grow your brand.
Start a Connected TV campaign in minutes, request a demo of Campaign Central, or contact us with questions.
It's never been easier to build awareness and grow your brand. Start a campaign in minutes, or contact us with questions.
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