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Awarity Campaign Central

Onboard, manage, and review your campaign, all in one easy-to-use platform.

Key Performance Indicators - Metrics that evaluate performance of marketing efforts (i.e. Impressions, Clicks, Conversions, Completion Rates, ect.).

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Awarity Campaign Central

Performance Summaries

See performance at a glance with key metrics including impressions, clicks, and conversions

Heat Map

Measure impressions, clicks, and conversions by zip code and see top performing zip codes

Performance by Tactic

See detailed performance data for each targeting tactic on Banner ads and Connected TV

Creative Performance

Review performance by creative with data on impressions, clicks, and conversions for each ad

Top Domains, Channels, & Apps

See the top domains your Banner ads were placed on and top apps and channels for Connected TV

A Guided Tour of Your Performance Dashboard

Campaign Strategy

A detailed overview of your campaign objectives and details
  • See your spend and flight dates in the budget table
  • Review targeting tactics and creative strategy
  • View your target geography
  • Request changes as your strategy evolves
  • Submit final strategy approval

Schedule a New Flight

Returning clients can schedule a new campaign at anytime in Campaign Central
  • Select your media types and set your budget.
  • Choose your dates.
  • Specify any additional targeting or creative you'll need for your new campaign.

A Guided Tour of Your Campaign Strategy

Campaign Checklist

A guided tour with real-time status updates on the few simple steps to start your campaign

A Guided Tour of Your Campaign Checklist

Asset Campaign Manager

Asset Manager

Upload assets to be used in your creative production or upload your own creative
  • Add and remove assets with drag and drop functionality
  • View previously uploaded assets or add new ones

A Guided Tour of the Asset Manager

Creative Production

See and approve your custom Banner ad(s) and Connected TV commercial
  • Approve your creative messaging for production
  • Upload creative assets for your ad production
  • Approve or request revisions for your creative production

Creative Library

  • See all creative you've run, past and present
  • View multiple sizes and previous iterations
  • Manage your creative scheduling and run dates

A Guided Tour of Your Creative

Pixel Placement

Confirm your pixels are placed on your website
  • View and copy your campaign pixels
  • Send pixels to your web developer
  • Check the verification status of your pixel

A Guided Tour of Your Campaign Pixels

It's never been easier to build awareness and grow your brand.
Start a campaign in minutes or contact us with questions.
It's never been easier to build awareness and grow your brand. Start a campaign in minutes, or contact us with questions.
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