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Advertise on Netflix

Reach Netflix Audiences for Less
Netflix is one of the biggest streaming services available on the market today offering hundreds of popular shows and movies as well as a vast library of original content. Netflix was seen as the golden standard for streaming for quite some time and still holds one of the largest streaming audiences. Netflix has opened up advertising capabilities, but is only available to advertisers who commit at a minimum of $10 million. With Connected TV advertising from Awarity, we can help you reach the same audiences, across a variety of alternative platforms, more efficiently, for less.
Connect with the Largest Audience in Streaming
Unlike Netflix advertising, Connected TV commercials allow you to reach your target customer more affordably and effectively. With Connected TV commercials from Awarity, you can target your desired audience down to the zip code, push them towards your site with customer commercial production starting at just $999/mo, and reach potential customers across dozens of streaming platforms. Our detailed reporting allows you to track how your ads are performing throughout your campaign, taking the guesswork out of traditional awareness advertising.
Make your business viewable to a massive audience
Choose exactly who sees your
ads down to the zip code
Measure success with detailed metrics updated daily
Custom creative
production available
Campaigns starting
at just $999/mo
Reach your target audience across hundreds of streaming apps & channels
Cost per thousand
commercial impressions
Connected TV
Average CPM
Netflix Advertising
Initial CPM Pricing

Broaden Your Reach Beyond Netflix Advertising

Those wishing to advertise on Netflix can still reach millions of Netflix subscribers. With dozens of streaming services available, both free and paid, each serving their own unique content, many Netflix subscribers also watch on other services to see their favorite shows and live sporting events. By advertising on apps like Pluto TV, Sling TV, Fubo TV, Roku, an Hulu, you can still reach Netflix audiences.
Popular Channels and Apps and Monthly Active Users
Connected TV Platforms

Advertise on Netflix Alternatives

For businesses looking to advertise on Netflix, you can reach millions of viewers switching to streaming across hundreds of apps and channels with Connected TV. We search across dozens of Connected TV platforms to find where your target audience is watching and deliver them commercials designed to drive action for your business. Learn more about the alternative platforms available.

Your Business on the Big Screen

With Connected TV advertising from Awarity, TV advertising has never been easier and more effective. For just $999/mo, OTT advertising is a more affordable and efficient way to reach your specific target audience and build awareness for your brand with non-skippable, HD ad placements that can be seen across hundreds of Netflix alternatives. Also, see our affordable campaigns with minimums starting at only $299/mo and scalable to any size market or budget.

Connected TV Scalable Plan
Setup Fees
Two month commitment
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Fully managed campaigns

Media costs included

Non-skippable, HD video ads

Custom geofencing & specific audience targeting

Ongoing campaign optimization

Awarity Campaign Central access

It's never been easier to build awareness and grow your brand.
Start a Connected TV campaign in minutes or contact us with questions.
It's never been easier to build awareness and grow your brand. Start a campaign in minutes, or contact us with questions.
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