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Re-Engage Your Contacts

Seamlessly integrate your customer data into your campaign targeting.
How the Round Rock Express Doubled ROI
Targeted Groups of Former Ticket Buyers
Increase efficiency of media spend by targeting only past ticket buyers.
Trackable Ticket Sales
Daily campaign reporting is available in Awarity Campaign Central and conversion reporting is included.
Creative Tailored to Contacts
Serve ads with specific messaging tailored to each audience included (Thirsty Thursday, Fireworks Friday, Kids Day, and Dollar Dogs).
*All banner ad campaigns include one HTML 5 ad built by Awarity.
The Round Rock Express saw a 246% increase in ROI in 2022 with only the addition of CRM Connect to their campaign.
$10 to 1 ROI
IN 2022
How it Works
Connect with your audience in three simple steps.
Provide Your Contact Lists
Upload a CSV in your account portal with phone numbers and email addresses
We'll Match Your Contacts' Devices
Campaign match rates vary
Connect With Your Audience
We'll Serve Ads to Matched Devices
You'll see this as a targeting tactic in Campaign Central
Utilize Your Customer Database
With Awarity CRM Connect Targeting, we help you take advantage of your lists of thousands of contacts and past customers. We deliver targeted ads to your contact's devices to help your business stay top of mind.


Unlimited number of contacts
Additional $3.50 CPM applies to CRM Connect Tactics
"Awarity CRM Connect has doubled our ROAS by increasing the efficiency of our digital advertising investments. In addition to reaching former single game ticket buyers from our CRM list directly, we reach them with advertising creative designed specifically for audiences with their ticket purchasing history. Minor League Baseball boasts an incredibly diverse fan base that is motivated by a wide array of promotions. It's important that we meet fans where they are, whether they prefer Kids Day, Fireworks Nights, $1.00 Hot Dogs, Thirsty Thursday or dog-friendly games."
Laura Fragoso
Senior Vice President, Marketing
Round Rock Express
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