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Banner Ads
Event Targeting
Event Targeting

Regional/National Banner Ads

Local Banner Ad Campaigns

Best for single-location businesses

For businesses operating in larger areas

Campaigns from

$299/mo. per location

+ $499 one-time setup
Media costs Included

6-mo. commitment

Campaigns from


+ $499 one-time setup
Media costs included

2-mo. commitment

Guaranteed Impressions
100,000+ impressions/mo.
$2.99 max CPM
1,000,000+ impressions/mo.
$2.00 max CPM
Custom, Multi-Frame Creative
Pixel & Click Retargeting
Scalable from $299/mo, local service area coverage. B2B businesses may cover more area.
Scalable from $2,000/mo, which covers an audience of around 500,000.
Geographic Audience Targeting
ZIPs, cities
ZIPs, cities, states, DMAs, countries
Specific Audience Targeting
Behavioral, Demographic & more
Campaign Dashboard Access
Ongoing Campaign Optimization
Safe Website Placement
Includes fraud avoidance & visibility checks
Google Analytics Integration (UTM)
Ads Click to Your URL
Conversion Pixel (optional)
Conversion tracking increases CPM guarantee by $0.50