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Keeping Score: Determine the Winners of the Real Big Game

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February 9, 2023
December 4, 2023

Determine your top 5 commercials by following the science behind a winning commercial and see if you can match our top 5 picks.

Every year, brand spend millions to produce commercials for the big game, hiring Hollywood directors and celebrities to catch the attention of the audience of over 90 millioni. While creative that captures attention is important across all advertising touch points, it's crucial to rival other brands in the crowded ad breaks that make up the real big game for advertisers.

We’ve developed a scoresheet for you to play along and keep your own score of the real big game! Click here to download Awarity's 2023 Big Game Scoresheet to evaluate your favorite commercials through a marketers lens. The following are key questions that helped guide our scoresheet that can help you not only determine the best of the big game, but guide your own advertising efforts.

Does it distinguish the brand? Does the commercial highlight a feature or features that distinguish how the brand is different from its competitive set or could competitors swap logos and use the same commercial?

Does it have an emotional appeal? Does the commercial make you feel something? The big game's advertising is known for generating excitement, sadness, hope, optimism, and ambition.

Did the creative capture your attention? We all see thousands of ads a day and it can be difficult for a commercial to fully capture our attention. Was the story told in a manner that captured and held your attention? Were you fully captivated, or did you tune it out?

Did it speak to the target customer? From the commercial alone, is it clear who they are trying to persuade? While Super Bowl advertising reaches the masses, each brand should still have an ultimate target customer they’re appealing to. It should be clear who they’re targeting, and the commercial should speak to that audience.

Was it memorable? One reason the big game is known for its advertising is that the most impactful commercials stay in our memory long after their initial airing. The best commercials are rewatched and circulated on social media, continuing to generate buzz for weeks to come.

These considerations will help you gain clarity for what commercials are truly winning the big game. Let's see how our lists match up when we release our top 5 after the big game.

i. TV viewership of the Super Bowl in the United States from 1990 to 2022.

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