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Advertise on Pluto TV and Connected TV Platforms

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February 23, 2024
April 12, 2024

Tips for reaching your target audience on Pluto TV and other top platforms

In a world where consumers are cutting cords and swiping rather than flipping channels, Connected TV has emerged as an opportunity for businesses to reach their audience. With Pluto TV’s recent commercial appearance during the Super Bowl, the platform is continuing to gain more recognition alongside other notable streaming TV options like Hulu, Netflix, Tubi, and more. Streaming platforms such as Pluto TV (a subsidiary of ViacomCBS) are paving the way for a new frontier in advertising.

Connected TV ad spending has been increasing year over year, and surpassed traditional TV ad spending in 2023. Connected TV platforms, like Pluto TV and others, allow brands to achieve greater efficiency with their advertising through advanced targeting methods. The process to advertise on Pluto TV and other Connected TV platforms can be simple with the right approach. Here are some key considerations to advertise on Pluto TV and other Connected TV apps and channels:

1. Understand Your Audience: With any advertising strategy, knowing your ideal audience is key. Connected TV is most efficient with an audience-first strategy, where you can reach your target audience on any platform they are watching, whether it’s Pluto TV or numerous other platforms.

2. Create Compelling Creative: Once you understand your audience, it's time to create ads that resonate. Make sure your creative aligns with the values and viewing behavior of your target demographic and keep your message concise.

3. Utilize Audience-First Targeting: The greatest strength of Connected TV advertising is its ability to target audiences with precision. Your Connected TV can be highly tailored to reach the right viewers at the right time with the right message.

4. Monitor Performance: One of Connected TV’s greatest benefits is its transparent reporting. At Awarity, all Connected TV campaigns include access to Awarity Campaign Central with granular details including completion rates, top apps and channels, performance by zip code, and more.

Investing in Connected TV advertising presents business owners and marketers with a unique opportunity to advertise alongside the biggest brands. If you’re interested in making your mark on Connected TV, request a demo for an introduction to our reporting platform. Awarity can help you reach your target audience across top apps and channels, including Pluto TV.

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