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Awarity's Top 5 of the Big Game

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February 14, 2023
November 21, 2023

See how our lists compared for the top commercials of the big game in 2023

This year was tough! There were a lot of great commercials that managed to pull off the TV Trifecta by being on point with strategy, persuasive, and memorable. We scored all the commercials against our scoresheet and five stood out.

Google Pixel

The one was a favorite among the team. Google highlighted a key point of difference within their product, showed how easy it was, and made it memorable by evoking our own emotions about our own memories of a lifetime.  One of our team members said that the commercial made several iPhone users complain that their phone couldn't do the same. That's a high bar!

Disney 100

Disney does it again. The brand famous for story telling reminded us why we watch and rewatch the same movies for years. It spoke to all generations and made us feel like a kid again - even if for just a moment.  And the message transcended all Disney brands and properties with phenomenal execution.


This commercial captured our attention. Not only did it feature Jack Harlow, but brought us a humorous twist that only Doritos could pull off while showcasing the iconic triangle throughout. The only critique is that it was a little light on featuring the bold flavor of Doritos. One filter we put each commercial through is to imagine what would happen if we swapped out the brand for a competitor and see if the same commercial would work. This was a commercial only Doritos could pull off.


This was an interesting execution that clearly was tailored to the Grease generation with lots of persuading points on why you should use T-Mobiles 5G network for your home. They hit all the common pain points and even featured an affordable price.  


This commercial was specifically targeted to the Clueless generation and did a masterful job of weaving in product benefits with a concept that will resonate with this customer group. Their use of celebrity was unique and compelling.

Bonus: Pop Corners

You can't leave off the group that finally pulled off the long awaited Breaking Bad reunion. It was clearly speaking to the cult following of the show, and the fact that fans of the show have been yearning for this moment. It was a clever spot and something fans of the show will remember every time they munch on PopCorners.

There were several others that also stood out, and we could make an argument for any of these to also be in the top five, but we had to draw a line somewhere.

Oikos Greek

Farmer’s Dog


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