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How Programmatic Display Can Make An Impact for Franchise Brands

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May 31, 2024

Programmatic advertising makes a powerful tool to address the problems that franchise brands face.

In the dynamic world of advertising, franchise brands face unique challenges that demand innovative solutions. Programmatic display is a powerful tool, offering precision, efficiency, and scalability to reach the right audience, in the right place, at the right time. Let’s explore how programmatic advertising can revolutionize advertising strategies for franchise brands.

Understanding the Specific Needs of Franchise Brands in the Digital Landscape

Franchise brands operate uniquely, balancing brand consistency across the network while allowing for localized strategies for each franchisee. They require solutions that uphold brand standards, cater to local audiences, and optimize marketing budgets across multiple locations. Programmatic advertising has benefits uniquely positioned to solve these problems, including:

Hyper-Local Targeting - Programmatic display allows for zip code level targeting that allows franchise brands to isolate each franchise location for localization.

Creative Personalization – Programmatic advertising’s granular targeting allows for localization of creative. With the ability to adjust location names, cross streets, cities, and more for each franchise location, you can ensure your franchise location is clear to the local community.

Cost Efficiency - With real-time bidding, franchise brands can optimize their ad spend by targeting only the right people in the right place, leading to cost savings that help franchise brands to make the most of their ad spend.

Scalability - Programmatic advertising allows franchises to scale their efforts easily across multiple markets and locations. Campaigns can be adjusted in real time, responding quickly to market trends or changes in consumer behavior.

Franchise brands encounter hurdles such as maintaining branding and messaging consistency and managing multi-location targeting. Programmatic advertising’s granular approach is uniquely positioned to solve complex problems, making the most out of any franchisor or franchisee’s budget. In an era where digital presence can dictate a brand's success, adopting programmatic advertising isn't just a strategic move—it's an essential step towards future-proofing your franchise brand in the competitive marketplace.

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