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Is Your Digital Strategy Ready for a Cookie-Less World?

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February 3rd, 2022
November 21, 2023

Many devices and browsers have already blocked third party cookies, and Google Chrome plans to phase them out in 2023.

With the pending Google Chrome “Cookiepocalypse” delayed until mid-2023, Marketers around the globe are now forced to find other forms of targeting and tracking methods for their digital marketing campaigns. Since Google Chrome makes up roughly 80% of overall website traffic, it has never been more important to start planning how to adapt to the new digital marketing landscape, but how? Here are some ideas to adapt your digital marketing strategies with the new wave of consumer advertising:

Contextual/Behavioral Targeting: The simplest solution to targeting in a cookie-less environment, targeting content via keyword matching. Let’s say you were running a campaign for a local HVAC company and were previously targeting 3rd party audience data for homeowners. With contextual targeting, you can target webpages and topics related to DIY home AC repair, AC repair forums, or people researching companies local to your area. Being placed alongside these relevant topics greatly improves your chances of reaching your target consumer without third party data.

First Party Data/End-End Addressability: While the removal of the traditional cookie is certainly and end of an era, there are plenty of new and exciting tech solutions that will change the way marketers reach individual consumers directly. As End to End Addressable Solutions like RampID and OpenID emerge, marketers will be able to get even more granular with their first party audience data.

Target at the Geographic Level: Now more than ever it’s time to push the envelope and get tactical with your marketing strategies. At Awarity, we've developed a library that contains hundreds of thousands of data points to help you pinpoint the exact zip codes to match your target customer profile. This is by far the most cost-effective option, and something that everyone should consider when in the planning stages of any digital campaign.

With any change comes a certain amount of uncertainty, however moving away from traditional cookies is only going to make the digital marketing space better. With these new technological advancements in both targeting and tracking ROI, expect your campaigns to get even better over these next few years! Click here to see how Awarity can assist your digital marketing efforts with industry leading, cookie-less demand-generation campaigns.

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At Awarity, we take pride in helping our clients maximize exposure and utilizing cookie-less targeting capabilities to reach your target customer.

We appreciate the opportunity to be a part of your marketing strategy, and are here to offer guidance as you navigate an evolving digital marketing landscape. If you have questions on anything we’ve shared, let’s chat. We'd love to discuss targeting capabilities with you further.

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