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Demand Gen vs. Lead Gen

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October 6, 2021
November 21, 2023

A singular focus on lead gen will not lead to a sustainable growth strategy. Getting the right message to the right people to seed demand will drive more people towards your lead gen tactics.

The goal of every advertising campaign is to generate leads which is ultimately a driver to generate sales. The term “Lead Gen” is commonly used to refer to activities that generate new leads for businesses. But a singular focus on lead generation will not lead to a sustainable growth strategy.

Let’s take an example from the travel and tourism industry.  Let’s say you’re looking to plan a vacation. You may already have a destination or two in mind (say Florida and Hawaii). Good lead generation marketing works to be present while you’re reading about travel to Florida or Hawaii online, via paid search, SEO optimization, or other lower funnel tactics. The problem is you can only reach people who are actively looking, and this is always a finite audience.

Demand Gen works to seed a specific destination across a much larger audience and to become top of mind when people are ready to book. Imagine you see several ads for Myrtle Beach, SC touting activities really love and enjoy. Over time, seeing a compelling message from Myrtle Beach will play a role in getting you to consider this destination for your next vacation. This will then make the Lead Gen tactics for Myrtle Beach more effective. Getting the right message to the right people to seed demand will ultimately drive more people towards your lead generation tactics.

Unfortunately, Demand Gen can be neglected because it can take longer to reap the rewards and it’s harder to track and measure. In a world where budget dollars are tight, businesses sometimes neglect Demand Gen advertising because they can’t always see the impact it has on leads. This is a big reason why we developed an affordable, all-inclusive monthly subscription that can continue to generate demand in the background. This way, businesses can still keep focus on lead gen but also reap the impact of ongoing Demand Gen.

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I've worked at Fortune 500 corporations like PepsiCo and Capital One, but also with several small businesses. Wherever I was, one truth stood out: The marketing and advertising industry is built around large corporations, leaving limited solutions for small business. But with changes in consumer behavior, and the explosive growth of digital advertising, we saw an opportunity to level the playing field.

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