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How to Drive Emotion in Connected TV Commercials

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July 7th, 2023
August 7, 2023

Learn how to drive emotion in your TV commercials and build awareness for your brand.

Emotional advertising drives connection with your consumers and builds awareness for your brand. It makes your brand more memorable, more relatable, and makes you stand out from your competitors. By effectively using emotions in your commercials, you can grab the attention of your target customers and influence their purchase decisions. Here are some ways to drive emotion in TV commercials:

Know Your Audience:  

It’s important that you know who your target audience is in order to connect with them emotionally. Before developing a commercial, you need to define your audience, what their needs are, and how your brand relates to them. By understanding your target audience and what motivates them to make a purchase, you can create an emotional story that resonates with them and their experiences and values.

Tell A Story:

Story telling is key to creating and maintaining an emotional connection with your audience. Stories allow your brand to connect with your audience on a deeper level. Depending on your target audience, it will determine the emotional journey you want to take them on. Some ways you can evoke emotions through your stories are:

  • Tell authentic stories based on real experiences that people can relate to
  • Use characters your audience will get attached to such as animals
  • Include consumer perspectives
  • Address social issues
  • Incorporate visual elements and descriptive messaging
  • Add music and voice overs to fully immerse your audience into the story


Music has the power to make you feel any number of emotions and it can even bring back memories. Music and jingles are used in commercials to make them more memorable, and it allows viewers to associate certain songs with certain brands. But you can’t just pick any song and hope it works. To make a memorable ad, you have to choose the right music tracks with lyrics and tempos that flow with the visuals. For example, Sarah McLachlan’s song, “In the Arms of an Angel,” that is used in animal adoption commercials. The song is slow, and the lyrics relate to the animals’ stories evoking emotions of sadness and sympathy.


The human voice speaks directly to your viewers and represents your brand. When using voiceovers in commercials, it’s important that you choose the right voice actor who fits the personality of your brand. Certain tones, styles, and rates of speech are all used for specific messages and audiences, and each can bring out different emotions. Slower rates of speaking and softer tones are used for more heartfelt, heavy topics to bring out sad emotions, while faster rates of speaking and more enthusiastic tones are used for more uplifting topics to bring out happy emotions.

Examples of Commercials that Drive Emotion:

The Farmer’s Dog- “Forever”

The Farmer’s Dog ad titled “Forever” follows the story of a little girl and her dog, Bear, as they grow up together. The song, “Forever,” by Lee Fields plays in the background as we watch the two share family memories together and take care of each other. It ends with the woman and her baby lying beside elderly Bear as she pets him and sings to him the song’s lyrics “I’m gonna love you forever.” It’s a heartwarming commercial that anyone who owns a dog can easily relate to as it hits on the emotional connection we share with them and how we want it to last forever.

Bud Light- “Bud Light Hold | Easy to Drink, Easy to Enjoy”

The Bud Light ad titled “Bud Light Hold | Easy to Drink, Easy to Enjoy” features a joyful moment between a cute couple. It starts off with the wife being put on a long hold during a phone call. The hold music playing through her phone inspires the husband to fetch a couple Bud Light beers and they start having a dance party. It’s a light-hearted, authentic moment between a happy couple turning a frustrating moment into an enjoyable one.

Build awareness for your brand with emotional Connected TV advertising that makes your brand more memorable, more relatable, and stand out from your competitors. At Awarity, we script and storyboard your commercial to tell an emotional story that your target audience can connect to. We produce and edit your commercial to fit the look and feel of the story with music and professional voice talent included. Visit our Ad Samples Page to see what we have done for other businesses like yours.

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