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Unique Reach - A Key Metric That's Under Utilized

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Oct. 6 2023
November 21, 2023

Unique reach is a critical metric to inform the role of various ad channels.

When considering ways to build brand awareness, Unique Reach is a critical metric to monitor. We are used to seeing metrics like impressions, clicks, and in some cases conversions, but Unique Reach should be considered in the same breath because it is the only metric that defines the size of the net your advertising is reaching.

Sales and advertising are known to be a game of numbers. Whether it’s sales outreach, or ads served, the first number that starts the funnel is how many unique people have we reached. Every metric from here is simply a percentage of people that take the next step. So, if you have an ad message that engages 10% of viewers, the more people you reach, the more you engage. The more people who engage will equate to more people taking action with your brand. But it all starts with reach.

When you consider this metric, it’s easier to define the role of various ad channels. Social media is only about 34% of consumers' time online vs the open webi. So, if you’re relying on social media as your sole channel to reach new customers, you may be missing a lot of prospective buyers. Hence, we recommend social media be used to drive brand engagement through value-added content, product demonstrations, and sharing of information. When looking at other awareness building channels, billboards have limited reach in that they are only reaching people driving on the specific road alongside your billboard. Print only reaches people who actually open and flip through a magazine page by page. Radio only reaches people who listen to broadcast radio or the specific streaming apps you are advertising within. It doesn’t mean these channels don’t have a role, but consider their strengths and limitations when allocating your marketing budget. When you go down funnel, channels like paid search can be highly impactful, but they only reach people actively searching at that time. It’s critical to reach consumers at the time they are searching, but this would not be an effective way of filling the top of the funnel since there is generally a narrow audience searching at any given time.

Awarity has developed a unique approach to banner ads that creatively utilizes the fact that 66% of consumers spend time on the open web vs social media. 77% of consumers trust what they read on the open web and find the advertising more impactfulii. Because virtually every person is on web sites at least a few times a day, banner ads offer unprecedented opportunities at the top of the funnel by delivering massive, yet highly targeted reach. Our awareness and reach focused approach amplifies down funnel channels, and we can reach more people per dollar than any other form of advertising. This can have tremendous benefits to your business by reaching new customers you wouldn’t otherwise reach and filling the top of your marketing funnel.

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I've worked at Fortune 500 corporations like PepsiCo and Capital One, but also with several small businesses. Wherever I was, one truth stood out: The marketing and advertising industry is built around large corporations, leaving limited solutions for small business. But with changes in consumer behavior, and the explosive growth of digital advertising, we saw an opportunity to level the playing field.

We’re always available to talk about an approach to meet your goals and reach the types of new customers you desire. Just schedule time through our website, or you can always request a free proposal. We pride ourselves on offering high impact advertising at the most affordable price in the industry to help you engage with new customers, which is more important now than it’s ever been before.

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