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Why Your Understanding of TV Advertising is Changing

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September 1, 2022
November 21, 2023

See how the definition of TV advertising and the state of the medium has evolved in recent years to include streaming TV.

TV advertising for many years was easily understood as a way businesses could get their brand seen by large audiences on local and cable television. Though a simple concept, TV advertising doesn’t always bring success for those looking to use it. Small businesses often find the service expensive, while others are unable to reach their unique customer profile and service area using the limited placement options. Changes over the past few years to consumer viewing habits and the growth in granular advertising options have changed how TV advertising is perceived.

Along with the pandemic came the rise of streaming TV. When traditional broadcasting schedules came to a halt, consumers shifted their time and attention to on-demand TV and movies. This shift meant fewer ad impressions for traditional TV advertisers. As of July 2022, Neilson and Samba TV reported that streaming TV has now surpassed traditional viewership. These findings have been noted as a wake-up call for the TV advertising industry, with many businesses now looking to understand the marketing options available to them on streaming TV.

Streaming TV offers not only a new platform for TV advertising but expanded targeting capabilities as well. With traditional TV advertising, the success of your commercial depended on its time slot and the content shown around it. With streaming TV, businesses can now target their unique customer profile, serving ads whenever and wherever those customers are watching instead of being constrained by time slots. Advertising on Connected TV devices provides the additional benefit of non-skippable ad placement, ensuring your messaging gets seen. These added controls allow businesses to better connect with potential customers and increase interest in their brand.

In recent years, leaders in the streaming TV advertising space have included Hulu, Pluto TV, and Tubi. These services allow advertisers to reach an audience of over 100 million monthly active users. Disney + and Netflix recently announced pricing tiers with ads coming to their platforms. The addition of ads to these services indicates an even larger audience pool that advertisers may soon be able to take advantage of. As TV and Streaming TV advertising options continues to evolve, the ability for businesses to reach potential customers is sure to keep expanding.

TV advertising now encompasses more than just local and cable TV ads, as streaming TV advertising takes center stage. With so many new TV advertising options and controls, it can be daunting to know where to look. At Awarity, we make TV advertising easy and affordable with precision targeted Connected TV campaigns starting at $999 a month. To learn more about putting your business on the big screen, visit our Connected TV page.

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I've worked at Fortune 500 corporations like PepsiCo and Capital One, but also with several small businesses. Wherever I was, one truth stood out: The marketing and advertising industry is built around large corporations, leaving limited solutions for small business. But with changes in consumer behavior, and the explosive growth of digital advertising, we saw an opportunity to level the playing field.

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