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Utilize Targeting and Maintain Consumer Trust

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November 21, 2023

While consumer privacy is a growing concern in advertising, businesses can utilize digital advertising's target capabilities in a responsible way.

While some fear that consumer targeting can be a breach of privacy, businesses of all sizes run the risk of being left behind if they don’t learn to use digital advertising’s targeting capabilities to their advantage without risking consumers' trust. Forbes recently published an insightful article on how Connected TV and OTT continues to grow and capture more of the market share from traditional television.

Traditional television’s broad, content-level targeting has relied on over saturation to reach the masses in hopes that a small segment of viewers would convert. With Connected TV, businesses can utilize digital, more granular ad targeting. Using anonymous data, businesses can reach their target audience more directly using their demographics, preferences, and potential behavior to serve them relevant ads, while respecting their privacy. With 73% of US homes now watching on streaming services like Hulu®, Roku®, and Pluto TV, the audience available through Connected TV is growing larger than ever.

We can ensure only your specific target audience sees your commercial, making advertising more efficient and affordable than any other medium can offer. Our targeting data comes from anonymized, third party sources, so you can feel confident that you’re prioritizing consumer’s privacy and trust.

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