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Why Businesses Can't Afford to Miss Connected TV in 2023

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January 12 2023
November 21, 2023

2022 brought multiple new developments in the Connected TV advertising space, with the largest streaming services developing ad supported tiers that cater to large advertisers.

In recent years, viewership has rapidly shifted from Traditional TV to Connected TV, and advertising spending has followed suit. As advertisers continue taking advantage of the Connected TV’s growing audience, brands who don’t follow suit risk getting left behind.

2022 brought multiple new developments in the ConnectedTV advertising space, with the largest streaming services developing ad supported tiers. As Netflix and Disney+ have rolled out ad supported options that cater to large advertisers, 2023 is likely to bring more streaming platforms that have previously resisted into the advertising space. As more players grow, the viewers of these apps are also consuming content on many other apps, including Tubi, Pluto TV, and Sling TV, among others.

In 2023, it’s estimated that Connected TV viewership will continue to grow with 230 million people in the US who will use Connected TV this year, accounting for 67.8% of the populationi. Streaming TV’s apps and channels have developed rapidly as well, with Pluto TV developing a user base of 72MM average monthly users and Tubi growing to 50MM monthly usersii. Other rapidly growing Connected TV platforms include Sling TV, Samsung TV Plus, Hulu Plus and more. As marketers have taken notice, eMarketer reports that US Connected TV ad spend is expected to exceed $26 billion in 2023iii.

As Connected TV has grown, its capabilities have proven it to be a highly efficient method for advertisers to reach prospective customers and build targeted awareness that businesses cannot afford to skip in 2023. Awarity’s approach to Connected TV advertising reaches your exact target customer on top apps and channels they’re already watching and takes the guesswork out of determining the right StreamingTV platforms to reach them on.

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