Exclusive Preview: Increased Control of Your Banner Ad Campaign Creative

Meredith Bay, Design and Creative
Minute Read
October 24, 2023

Reach the right audience with the right message at the right time with increased creative control.

One simple way to increase the efficiency of your Banner ad campaign and achieve greater impact is to ensure your creative resonates with your audience. If you’re looking to take your creative impact to another level, targeting specific segments of your audience with creative tailored to their unique needs is an effective way to get them engaged.

Tailoring your message to your audience is an effective way to capture attention and can help increase the performance of key promotions for your business. Reaching your audience at the right time with the right message is important when it comes to capturing their attention with your Banner ad campaign. While we always recommend starting with an evergreen ad that can be run for any audience at any time, adding additional ads to your campaign is a great way to feature seasonal promotions, specials, or target specific audiences.

For example, a local restaurant may wish to run an additional ad featuring kids eat free days to reach families in the area, while separately running sports themed promotions to reach fans looking for a place to eat while enjoying the game. Sports teams can select specific audiences to deliver theme night ads tailored to their previous attendance patterns or interests. As many sports attendees don’t return from one season to the next, targeting them with themes they’ve shown interest in in the past helps keep you top of mind and encourages them to return year after year.

Our enhanced creative management feature, coming soon in Campaign Central, will give you full control over your creative with new ways to upload your own creative and manage creative produced by Awarity. With these new features, you'll be able to instantly adjust run dates, upload your own ads, and choose which targeting tactics are linked to each ad to allow for greater control of your campaign.

Stay tuned for upcoming announcements on the launch of Campaign Central's enhanced creative management features or contact us at support@awarity.com with any questions about managing creative for your campaign.

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Meredith Bay, Design and Creative