Measuring Connected TV Advertising Performance in a Full-Funnel Strategy

Meredith Bay, Design and Creative
Minute Read
July 26, 2023

Connected TV is an efficient form of building awareness as the first stage of your marketing funnel. Measuring performance through this lens can help you see its true impact.

Connected TV advertising has revolutionized the way brands target and measure advertising effectiveness. With this revolutionary change in how brands advertise has come many different ways to measure success. However, it’s important to understand the role Connected TV plays in a full-funnel marketing strategy as you evaluate your results. Here are several things to keep in mind as you review performance through a full-funnel lens to see a campaign's true impact.

The Value of Awareness: Connected TV’s advertising’s largest benefit is brand awareness. Connected TV allows you to reach potential customers where they already are and target specific profiles. Many marketers overlook this key first stage in the marketing funnel, but it’s ultimately what drives potential customers to your lower funnel efforts. Unique reach and impressions are valuable metrics that you can monitor to evaluate the amount of exposure you’re receiving for your Connected TV campaign.

Targeting Specificity: Connected TV’s ability to build awareness has an even greater efficiency when paired with the right targeting tactics. Connected TV allows you to reach viewers with specific interests and demographics that align with your target customer. When comparing results to other mediums, it’s important to consider how well that medium is narrowing in on your target customer, as building awareness with your specific audience will help build your brand in the long term.

Website Traffic Impact: With Connected TV’s awareness building efforts, one area to measure impact is your website traffic. With more potential customers learning about your brand, you can anticipate a lift in your overall organic website traffic. However, this lift can be difficult to accurately measure without advanced tools. At Awarity, we can add advanced marketing mix modeling for enterprise level campaigns to helps you develop an understanding of your website’s baseline traffic and see what channels are contributing to a lift in web traffic.

Adding Connected TV to a full-funnel marketing strategy is a highly efficient way to boost your lower funnel efforts. Marketers who view Connected TV as a way of building awareness can unlock a new way of interpreting and measuring results that shows the true impact for your brand. If you’d like to explore Awarity’s advanced measurement tools to understand which channels are driving website traffic, let’s chat - we’re happy to discuss our enterprise capabilities for performance reporting.

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Meredith Bay, Design and Creative