Take Advantage of Awarity's Creative Management Tools

Kayla Cole, Product Manager
Minute Read
December 15, 2023

Maximize your creative impact and tailor your creative approach to your unique needs with full control through Awarity's Creative Manager.

At Awarity, our goal is to make your advertising experience as simple as possible. With our newly improved design and enhanced creative features in Awarity Campaign Central, you now have complete control over managing your creative and the ability to quickly upload your own creative, schedule run dates, and make updates and adjustments instantly for your Programmatic Display and Connected TV campaigns. Here are some examples of how Awarity’s new creative features can give you greater flexibility and control.

Sports: Sports teams can easily swap out or add new creative to highlight game day promotions, locations, dates and times, and competitors. Our new features give you greater control to run ads promoting specific theme games, giveaways, and more, with options to adjust dayparting and scheduling. At the start of each season, you can update player photos and update ad messaging to accommodate roster or branding changes.

Holiday Seasons: As the seasons change, so should your creative. With the new creative features in Awarity Campaign Central, it’s easy to stay on top of your campaigns during the busiest and most active time for shoppers. Easily update your holiday ad messaging to feature holiday sales and deals, new products, and seasonal promotions and events.

Weather Conditions: If your businesses' success relies on the weather, Awarity’s Creative Manager makes it easy to quickly change out your creative based on weather conditions. Roofing companies may need to update ad messaging after a huge storm to target people in need of a new roof or home services companies can target homes that need their AC fixed during the summer.

Product Availability: As new products come and go, it’s important to keep your creative updated. Technology companies can swap out old product images that have gone out-of-stock, or a retail store can change their creative to advertise limited-time offers, flash sales, and new products coming soon.

Daily or Weekly Specials: If your business needs daily or weekly updates, you can daypart your creative. It’s easy for companies like restaurants to adjust quickly to promote food and drink specials, happy hours, kids eat free days, or taco Tuesdays.

Login to explore the new features in Awarity Campaign Central and experience full creative control. If you have any questions or want to learn more about how these features can help your campaign, we’re happy to walk you through this feature in your dashboard and discuss ways to get the most out of Campaign Central’s Creative Manager.

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At Awarity, we're continuously developing new enhancements and features to give you greater control and transparency with your campaign. Awarity's new Creative Manager allows you to control your creative and make adjustments to ensure you're reaching the right audience, with the right message, at the right time to increase your efficiency.

If you have questions about Awarity Campaign Central or want to learn more about how to maximize these features in your campaign, please reach out. We'd be happy to walk you through these features in your dashboard and discuss use cases to fit your needs.

Kayla Cole, Product Manager