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Welcome Venture X Franchisees

Venture X Franchisees

The future of workspace combined with powerful digital advertising, built to grow your location.

Build Exposure, Reach New Customers

We'll develop a custom strategy to reach your target customer, and serve them ads on relevant webpages, where they already are.
And we design your ads, too.

Included in your Venture X Schedule A*
Your Subscription Includes:
Targeted Banner ads for 12-months
74,000 estimated impressions per month, and we continuously optimize for more
25,000 estimated non-skippable ad views per month across hundreds of apps and channels
Animated ads custom-built for your location
Detailed reporting in Awarity Campaign Central with data on impressions, clicks, and more
Brand safety & bot avoidance ensuring your ads are seen on safe sites
Pixel & click retargeting to keep customers visiting your site
Plus: FREE Grand Opening Ad Exlusively for Venture X Owners ($349 value)
Highlight your grand opening with an additional custom ad. Perfect for specials and offers!
Reach Your Target Customers for Less
All impressions are geofenced to a relevant audience and you'll be able to track your performance in Awarity Campaign Central.
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Expand Your Reach Alongside Other Strategies

Advertising channels have an additive effect on your overall campaign. The more ads you run, the wider a net you cast.

Get Started in Minutes.

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Complete the Enrollment Form and upload photos of your location.

Step 2

Check your email. We'll send a link to our secure payment portal, where you can review terms and enter payment information.

Step 3

Review and approve your ads! You'll see something in 1-2 weeks.