Drive Growth with Data from Your Programmatic Advertising

Meredith Bay, Design and Creative
Minute Read
April 27, 2023

Explore data sources in Campaign Central that can be used to uncover insights about your overall advertising and business.

Reviewing your advertising’s performance is important as you monitor what’s working, what isn’t, and track how you’re meeting your specific goals along the way. However, many marketers often overlook the fact that campaign insights may have an impact beyond just that campaign and can help you further develop your business and advertising strategies. Let’s explore a few data sources in Awarity Campaign Central that can be used to uncover insights about your overall advertising and business.

Review Data on Top Performing Zip Codes

Gathering insights on where your customers are coming from can be valuable to help you refine your target geography across your advertising efforts. Reviewing your heatmap in Campaign Central or downloading your zip code data can help you identify how far your target customers are traveling and see which zip codes are drawing more clicks and conversions.

Gather Audience Insights from Performance by Tactic

Depending on your campaign goals, your targeting tactics may cover different segments of your customer base. Comparing performance data by tactic may offer insight to which segment is most engaged by the messaging in your campaign and give you an idea of how to reach them in your other forms of advertising.

Evaluate Creative Performance Metrics

If you run multiple creatives or rotate ads throughout your campaign, you can compare performance by creative to see which ad had a greater response. If you run messaging that’s dramatically different, you may be able to see a lift in one that shows this resonates with your target audience.

Reviewing your data in Campaign Central with a lens for how you can apply learnings to your other marketing and business strategies can be an effective way to get the most out of your programmatic advertising campaign. If you have any questions about Campaign Central as you review your performance data, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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