How A.I. Improves Your Banner Ad Campaign

Shyam Varanasi, Director of Analytics and A.I.
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June 29, 2023

As automation and artificial intelligence become more and more prevalent, it can be difficult to keep up and know where these tools can best be utilized in your marketing strategies.

Automation, artificial intelligence (A.I.), and machine learning have become dominant topics in the tech and advertising industries over the past several years. For many marketers trying to keep up with emerging trends and new technology in the industry, it can be difficult to discern where these tools can be beneficial to your marketing strategies. At Awarity, A.I. and data-driven optimizations are a driving force behind our strategies. Here are a few ways that we use industry-leading automation tools to improve our Banner ad campaigns.

  1. Automated Campaign Modifications: For many marketers implementing programmatic advertising on their own, managing bidding processes manually can be a time-consuming process. Our A.I. bidding algorithms automate campaign operations and optimizations, achieving more impact for less cost than a human making manual optimizations would be capable of from behind a computer.
  2. Real-Time Reporting: Automated data pipelines can play a key role in providing campaign data in real-time. All our Banner ad campaigns and Connected TV campaigns include access to Awarity Campaign Central, where results are updated multiple times throughout the day.
  3. Creative Automation: One area where many advertisers make use of automation is creative production. There are a growing number of tools available that can help you streamline ad production with dynamic creative. We have options available that localize creative for advanced, multi-location campaigns using automation.
  4. Advanced Automation Capabilities: For campaigns servicing multiple locations or dealing with changing distribution, advanced automation can help you target and tailor your campaign to guarantee your spend is aligned with your needs. Utilizing the data you already have, campaigns can be targeted and optimized to your business needs. At Awarity, we can develop custom enterprise solutions with capabilities to fit your needs.

We continually optimize our campaigns using proprietary automation and A.I. tools and we’re always looking to develop new tools that improve campaign performance and reduce costs for our clients. If you’re curious to learn more about our automated campaign optimizations or have a unique use-case or need, let’s chat. We can customize a solution with advanced capabilities to fit your needs.

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I've long believed that numbers and data are the key to solving almost any problem imaginable. Whether it's at the workplace trying to hone our latest machine learning algorithm or observing from afar how data analytics has revolutionized spaces like tech, finance, and sports, one thing is clear: the impact data and statistics has our world cannot be overstated. At Awarity, data is at the forefront of our innovation and utilized to achieve groundbreaking results for our clients across the globe.

We appreciate the opportunity to be a part of your marketing strategy, and are here to offer guidance. If you have questions on anything we’ve shared, let’s chat. We'd love to help build awareness for your brand.

Shyam Varanasi, Director of Analytics and A.I.