How to be an Advertising Expert for the Big Game

Meredith Bay, Design & Creative
Minute Read
February 8, 2024

While brands spend millions on advertising for the big game each year, some still miss the mark. Here are some factors to consider to help you choose the winning commercials.

As America prepares for the big game, advertisers have had their plans locked in for awhile and are waiting to see how their commercials stack up against the rest. While advertisers spend millions of dollars for commercial slots and even more in commercial production for the big game each year, some brands inevitably still miss the mark. Here are several factors to consider during the ad breaks this year to help you be the advertising expert at your watch party.

1. Emotional Impact: A effective commercial, especially in a crowded landscape such as the big game, should evoke an emotional reaction from its target audience. Whether it’s sadness, happiness, hope, or excitement, the big game’s commercials are known for evoking memorable emotion.

2. Ability to Capture Attention: We see thousands of ads a day and the ad breaks during the big game often compete with a hectic environment for viewers who watch with friends and family. Effective commercials for the big game tell their story in a manner that breaks through the noise and holds viewers’ attention through creative and memorable executions.

3. Brand Differentiation: While emotional impact and creative executions are something we’ve come to expect from the big game’s commercials, many brands get caught up in these aspects and let them overshadow what makes them different from the competition. The crowded super bowl landscape often draws advertisers from the same categories, with industries such as automotive drawing out all the big brands. In order to stand out, a winning commercial should highlight a feature that distinguishes the brand from its competition.

4. Targeted Messaging: While the big game’s commercials reach the masses, each brand should know their ideal target customer and tailor the message to resonate with them and address their specific pain points. From the commercial alone, it should be clear who they’re targeting and the commercial should speak to that audience.

These considerations will help you be the advertising expert at your watch party and gain clarity on what commercials are truly winning the big game. While this criteria is exhibited on a large scale for the big game, these same factors are helpful to consider for your own commercials and advertising campaigns to ensure your creative makes an impact with the right audience.

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Meredith Bay, Design & Creative