How to Evaluate Creative Performance for Connected TV Advertising and Banner Ads

Shyam Varanasi, Director of Analytics and A.I.
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March 23, 2023

Test, measure, and optimize creative messaging in your campaigns to make an impact with your audience.

When it comes to advertising, there are many ways to measure a campaign and optimize its performance. Creative optimizations can be difficult to read and easily overlooked, but delivering the right message plays a key role in your campaign’s performance. Here are some ways to measure your creative’s impact on your audience in your Connected TV Advertising and Banner ad campaigns.

  1. Monitor new website users: Track the number of new users you receive in Google Analytics and compare those metrics before and after the start of the campaign. An increase is new users visiting your website is a key reflection of how your campaign is performing overall, and how your creative is resonating with your audience.
  2. Gather insights from your audience: Listening to feedback from your customers and prospects is crucial to help you iterate on your approach to creative. At Awarity, we’ve gathered insights from our partners along the way that have helped us hone our own website and advertising. This has played a key role in not only measuring our creative’s effectiveness but in developing our brand as well.
  3. Evaluate key campaign metrics by creative: Try rotating your creative and see if this affects the change in new users in Google Analytics. You can monitor performance metrics by creative to see if there is a trend as to which messaging perform better. Our observations have been that in to see a notable change in performance, your messaging should be dramatically different. Comparing noticeably different messages may allow you to recognize trends in what messaging makes an impact with your audience. In Awarity Campaign Central, our new performance dashboard includes performance by creative for both Banner ads and Connected TV that can help you evaluate.

Taking the time to test diverse messaging in your creative and evaluate is an effective step to ensure you’re getting the most impact out of your Streaming TV commercials and Banner ads. Additionally, this exercise can help gather insights on your messaging and branding that you can apply across all your advertising efforts.

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Shyam Varanasi, Director of Analytics and A.I.