Exclusive Preview: Re-Engage Your Contacts with CRM Targeting for Banner Ad Marketing at No Additional Cost

Aditya Varanasi, CEO
Minute Read
February 23, 2023

Coming soon: add CRM Connect to your Banner ad marketing via Campaign Central at no additional cost.

Advertising platforms like Facebook and Linkedin have developed ways to target customer audiences using data from your customer database. Awarity CRM Connect offers the same targeting abilities for Banner marketing and you'll soon be able to utilize it in your campaign at no additional charge. In the coming weeks, we're giving you full control of CRM Connect in Campaign Central to update, add, and remove contacts from your campaign targeting seamlessly so you can stay in front of the people in your database beyond just email.

CRM Connect makes your media even more targeted than ever by utilizing your customer database to serve ads to their matched devices. If you’d like to take advantage of Awarity CRM Connect in your banner ad marketing, take the next few weeks to prepare your CRM list including emails and phone numbers to start using it as part of your campaign targeting. While you can target your database with one message, here are a few ideas to segment your lists to get more granular with CRM Connect:

Past purchase behavior: Segmenting your list based on past purchases can help you utilize creative tailored to the product or promotion that resonated with these customers in the past. For example, sports teams can segment past attendees of specific promotion games and target them with related ads.

Sales prospects: You can create a segment of your sales prospects and run creative with more direct messaging or specific promotions to drive action.

Previous customers: Stay engaged with previous customers beyond email and text messaging to keep your brand top of mind.

Making smart usage of your customer database is an effective way to retain and re-engage contacts. Once live, you’ll be able to track results and performance in Awarity Campaign Central with impressions, clicks, conversions, and more updated daily.

If you have an immediate need to add CRM Connect to your campaign, or if you have questions while preparing your CRM Connect list contact support@awarity.com for more information and stay tuned for the release of this new feature in Campaign Central.

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Aditya Varanasi, CEO