Why You Should Leverage Your CRM Data in Your Programmatic Display

Andy Milovich, CMO
Minute Read
9 September, 2023

Utilize your CRM Data beyond just email to re-engage customers and achieve a greater impact.

While the primary role of programmatic display is bringing in new customers, it’s just as important to keep your brand top of mind for your previous customers. As you’ve built your customer database, you’ve most likely used it to engage with your customers over email, but new advertising technology has brought more options. With Awarity CRM Connect, you can deliver Banner ads to your contacts’ matched devices using just their email address. Here are some key reasons why you should leverage your customer database in your marketing beyond just email.

Increased Customer Loyalty and Retention – If you’ve built a strong customer database, you’ve likely been successful at bringing in new customers, but what happens after their first purchase? In a world where customers have many options, many businesses see only a small portion of their past customers return. Retaining your past customers is more cost effective than trying to build new leads and draw new customers. It’s important that your brand remains in their consideration and re-engaging them with targeted Banner ads helps keep you top of mind.

Increased Segmentation and Relevance – Utilizing your CRM data allows you to group customers by their past purchase behavior or interests to deliver dynamic creative with relevant messaging. For example, sports teams have used Awarity CRM Connect to target segments of their former ticket buyers who attended a promotional game like Kids Day and serve them ads for that event next season.  

Increased ROI – Targeting your previous customers increases the efficiency of your media by reaching people who are interested in what you have to offer. Re-engaging your customers can motivate repeat purchases and visits, driving an increase in your campaign performance.

At Awarity, we’re continuously developing new technology and finding innovative ways to reach your target customer.­ Targeting your previous customers with Awarity CRM Connect is just one way we can efficiently and effectively reach your target audience. If you’re interested in adding CRM Connect to your Banner ad campaign at no additional charge, please reach out. We’d be happy to review your campaign strategy and add CRM Connect to your campaign. If you don't have a Banner ad campaign currently, request a demo of Awarity Campaign Central to see our platform.

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I joined Awarity as CMO after enjoying incredible success as a client. I’ve shared Awarity with dozens of teams in the sports industry and clients around the country. The value proposition is pretty simple: nobody maximizes awareness more affordably, quickly, or as easy as Awarity.

Andy Milovich, CMO