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Banner Ads
Connected TV
Connected TV
Event Targeting
Event Targeting
Banner Ads are the billboard of the internet. A Banner Ad campaign is the most simple, affordable, and effective form of awareness advertising compared to any other alternative. Utilize animated Banner Ads to catch the attention of your audience with creative that stands out and concise messaging that makes your brand memorable, and place your Banner Ads in geography that's only relevant to your business and across websites that reach your specific target customer.

Scheduled Banner Ads

Subscription Banner Ads

For businesses that want to generate
ongoing demand

For businesses looking to generate
seasonal demand

Campaigns from


+ $499 one-time setup
Media costs Included

1 month cancelation

Campaigns from


+ $499 one-time setup
Media costs included

Pre-determined time frame

Guaranteed Impressions
$2.19 Avg. CPM
See estimates for your campaign
Awarity CRM Connect Targeting

Up to 5k Contacts

$50/mo. campaign fee

5k - 25k Contacts

$125/mo. campaign fee

25k - 100k Contacts

$400/mo. campaign fee

100k - 250k Contacts

$750/mo. campaign fee

Custom, Multi-Frame Creative
Pixel & Click Retargeting
Campaigns scalable from $299/mo.
Campaigns scalable from $2,500.
Specific Audience Targeting
Behavioral, Demographic & more
Geographic Audience Targeting
ZIPs, cities, states, DMAs, countries
Campaign Dashboard Access
Ongoing Campaign Optimization
Safe Website Placement
Includes fraud avoidance & visibility checks
Google Analytics Integration (UTM)
Ads Click to Your URL
Conversion Pixel (optional)