"We are in uncharted waters with COVID-19. My team and I wanted to share our approach to navigating this health crisis, from one Venture X member to another. We're always available to connect and share best practices. All of us are in this together, and we're eager to help where we can."
Aditya Varanasi
Founder & CEO
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Learn why a fast-growing startup chose Venture X as their home.

Next, see how the partnership grew as Venture X owners & members chose Awarity
"Awarity moved into our office space in July. Once we learned what they did, we quickly signed up for their service to boost awareness of our new Venture X. Enrolling only took a few minutes and they did the heavy lifting. Since launching the campaign, the increased awareness has helped us fill our offices more quickly than we initially expected. We recommend Sophos Marketing for all Venture X owners."

– Mani Patel | Owner, Venture X Legacy West
"Our monthly Awarity subscription is a no-brainer. As Realtors, we know the value of web visits and new leads. Since we started Awarity, we've seen a significant increase in both - from home buyers both in and out of state. Awarity delivers a measurable value for only $299 a month. We'd be spending thousands without them and we wouldn't be close to that ROI."

– JD Tomlin | Team Leader, The Tomlin Team | Venture X Member
"Awarity is a game changer in Digital Advertising. With the ability to microfocus on doing what they do best (Digital Display Ads), they are able to provide the most value! I was able to get close to 1,000 ad views for every $1 I spent. My cost/click was $2 versus Google Adwords' $14."

– Nadim Ahmed | Owner, Venture X Dallas North
"We engaged Awarity to help build brand and name recognition as we expanded to the DFW marketplace. The enrollment process only took a few minutes and we received far more exposure than we could have with other forms of marketing or advertising, at a much lower price point. I highly recommend Awarity for any business looking to increase awareness among their target customers."

– Prashanth Upadrashta | VP, Talent Staffing Services | Venture X Member